Sharaye the MUA

"Transforming your BEAUTIFUL before into an AMAZING after

I can clearly remember being a little girl and using my markers, crayons and ballpoint pens to apply "makeup" to the faces in my mother's magazines.  Red or pink markers for the lipstick.  Black pens added longer eyelashes, defined eyebrows and worked so well as eyeliner.  While crayons were perfect for blush and eyeshadow.  

Sure, the ladies in those magazines were already BEAUTIFUL... But I just wanted to make them look AMAZING! 

 Years later, I still laugh about it.  And, although I've always been "artsy", I never thought that the magazines I drew on as a child would eventually lead me to becoming a makeup artist. 

One of the many paths along my creative journey was as a Wedding Planner for 10 years.  So, I understood how to use colors, lighting and accents to transform a blank canvas into a beautiful event.  But, always seeking to grow and learn, I took a break from wedding planning in order to pursue the art of makeup.  I initially attended the Couture Academy of Modern Makeup Artistry (CAMMUA) and a few years later added to my knowledge by attending Maquillage Makeup Academy.  As a result, I've had the opportunity to provide makeup for brides, models, fashion shows, actors and for wonderful "everyday" people. 

I've truly come full circle... from using markers to using makeup brushes... and it's been a joy!

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